Taking a nap after a long day of fun


Call You Mine - Jeff Bernat

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My body is ready to shut down for the night but my mind can’t help but crave. It craves the satisfaction of knowing that I accomplished something I made as a goal to accomplish months ago. It craves self satisfaction so much that its confused. I’m tired and I want rest but I’m determined and at the same time scared. But more so, I think the relief in these past few weeks couldn’t have been more beautiful. I am more of the woman I want to be than I will have ever believed and owned up to in the past. I’ve done so much and put myself out there and taken those risks. And I like to think I have been more caring to this blossoming person and I feel like I can share that with someone and that makes me so relieved. Maybe I’m just babbling and maybe I am really convinced that when you treat yourself like a queen, you will find your king. But then again…. who knows. Right? Time will change people in the weirdest way but you can only hope to see that relationships with people in your life will stay golden and beautiful. There’s always room for love.


i was taking pictures of the new puppy


when i look out the window to see the older dog just


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